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President Yudhoyono calls on nation to develop noble civilization

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PRESIDENT Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on the Indonesian people, Muslims in particular, to develop a national civilization that adhered to noble values. The president made the call at a function to observe the 8th anniversary of the National Tithe Service (BAZNAS) at Bidakara Hotel here on Saturday, Januari 18, 2009
“As Muslims, we should continue to nurture and strengthen harmony, friendship, solidarity, social empathy and the culture of mutual help among ourselves,” the president said in underscoring the importance of being generous and giving tithes.
He also called on all people in Indonesia to uphold the values of honor, self-reliance, and civility , and to try to keep them in balance with religious and scientific dimensions.
“If we do so, God willing, our civil community will live in peace and serenity in this beloved country,” the president said. The head of state added that all elements of the public in the country should make every possible effort together to reduce poverty because destitution was a big enemy of Islam.
“If we happen not to belong to the needy segment of the community, we help those who do,” the president said, adding that affluent people in the country owes tithes to the absolute poor.
Therefore, the president expressed hope that BAZNAS would help the government in reducing the number of poor people through a number of pro-people programs. Last year, BAZNAS collected Rp930 billion in tithes and the amount is expected to increase to more than Rp1 trillion this year. (Antara)


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January 18, 2009 at 7:58 am

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